Polaris Recall Notice – February 22, 2024

Polaris Recalls Some Model Year 2021-2024 MATRYX And 2015-2023 AXYS Snowmobiles

Polaris has determined that with degraded fuel and especially after extended storage, some Model Year 2021-2024 MATRYX and 2015-2023 AXYS snowmobiles may pose a risk of fire due to electrostatic discharge (ESD) inside the fuel tank. Under specific conditions, vapors may be ignited inside the fuel tank during operation, posing a potential injury hazard to consumers.

Number of affected vehicles: Around 265,000 units globally

Number of incidents: Polaris has identified 8 reports of fuel tank ruptures, including 3 incidents of fire and injuries on snowmobiles that had been previously repaired for a recall to address an ESD hazard.

Polaris has issued a solution that will eliminate ESD in the fuel tank and allow owners with impacted snowmobiles to continue riding safely.

Consumers should fill up their snowmobile using an oxygenated fuel that contains E10 (10% ethanol) and 91 octane or greater. The 10% ethanol in the fuel combats the electrostatic buildup in the fuel tank system to prevent ESD. The consumer will also need to change the fuel type designation on the gauge of their impacted snowmobile if they were previously using non-ethanol fuel.

Polaris has contacted all registered owners directly to provide details about the recall.  More information is available at Polaris.com/snowmobilecustomersafety.

Polaris has reported this recall to the Consumer Product Safety Commission.

To search off-road recalls by model or vehicle identification number (VIN) to see if your unit is affected by any recalls, visit the Off-Road Safety Recalls page or call Polaris at 800-765-2747.